About Us

I’m Christina Daves, the founder of CastMedic Designs.

In 2010, I broke my foot and was horrified when the doctor came in with that big, ugly, black boot.  I was going to New York City the very next day and thought, “I can’t go to New York looking like this!”

I searched the Internet the entire way to New York and found there was nothing on the market to make the boot look fashionable and in turn, make me feel better about wearing it.  I came back and started researching and designing products.

I thought the faux fur cuff was really fun and kind of makes it look like an Ugg® Boot.  The Sock-Its were designed to add some color and fun to the boot depending on your mood or style.  Three of the styles are great for kids to use for their friends to sign (red and blue mesh and the neon green).  Just strapping a flower on your boot should bring a smile to your face!  And the Click-Its are just a really fun way to express what you like.

Since flowers are always in style, I put a pin-back and alligator clip on all of them so you can keep enjoying it even after you’re out of the boot.  The Click-Its all have a pin-back so the kids can use them again after injury too.  We’ve got designs to wear for casual, work, and going out so there should be something for everyone!

I hope our products help you look and heal your best and that you experience, The Healing Power of Fashion®!

Please see my personal website for additional information.