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CastMedic Designs is thrilled to announce that on November 1, 2012, founder Christina Daves competed along with five other budding inventors on the the nationally syndicated Steve Harvey Show. The competition took place before a live studio audience, and Christina was selected as the winner by a panel of judges including Nicole Hait, Director of Corporate Communications of InventHelp® and Reggie Moore, VP of Marketing, Hillshire Brands. She was awarded the title of "Steve's Top Inventor" and received a prize of $20,000 in seed money to help grow the business. The judges thought the product has "wow factor", was "ingenious". and both commented on what a great way to turn something like a broken foot or ankle into something positive and fun.

It makes us so happy to continue to help the injured look and heal their best and experience, The Healing Power of Fashion®!

How does one broken foot lead to an innovative product, create U.S. jobs and become a national fashion sensation? Gainesville resident Christina Daves, CEO, creator and innovator of CastMedic Designs knows how: just combine an untapped market segment with a creative mind.

CastMedic Designs was the overwhelming winner of the Woman Inventor Award for the month of January! This puts CastMedic Designs in the running for the 2013 Women Inventor of the Year!

Why shouldn't business be fun? In 2010 Christina Daves broke her foot and was put in a medical boot. Heading to NY the next day... Fashion Capital of the World, she scoured the internet for anything to make the boot look better. With nothing on the market to make medical boots fashion-forward, she created CastMedic Designs to help the injured look and heal their best. They we were named one of 2011 Leading Moms in Business by Startup Nation and just recently won top prize on the Steve Harvey Show’s inventor search, receiving $20,000 in seed money! Wow!


Diana Ross Wears a CastMedic Designs Fashion to National Christmas Gala

CastMedic Designs is thrilled to have Diana Ross as a happy Strap-It! customer. Unfortunately, Ms. Ross broke her ankle performing at a birthday party for Naomi Campbell,  but thanks to the Strap-It Flower on her boot, she was able to look and heal her best and experience The Healing Power of Fashion® during TNT's annual Christmas in Washington event on December 21, 2012. 


Small Business Forum Radio w/ Tony Wilkins 

A weekly talk show featuring interviews with small business experts from around the globe offering tips and discussing topics important to the small business community - this week features Christina Daves of CastMedic Designs.


2nd Appearance on The Steve Harvey TV Show

On December 1, 2012, CastMedic Designs was invited back by the Steve Harvey TV show for a special guest. Host Steve Harvey helped a woman find The Healing Power of Fashion during a "Ask Steve" segment. She explained that after breaking her foot she was worried about looking fashionable and sexy during the upcoming holiday season, and challenged Steve to solve her problem. Lucky for her, CastMedic Designs was winner of the first ever"Steve's Top Inventor" competition! This is the second appearance on the Steve Harvey TV Show for CastMedic Designs! 

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A little over 9 years ago, I broke my foot in 3 places. I had one of those BIG, ugly black boots and a 2-year-old in diapers and a newborn. I always say that the story itself would make a very funny post (after the fact), but that is for another day. One of these days, I will get around to writing about the family vacation we took with a baby and a toddler in a double stroller and moi’ in a wheelchair with the boot, but today is all about the most amazing product which I only wished that I had back then. When they say ‘Moms are the mother of invention,’ there is a reason why it has become so overused – it is true. A few months ago, I was introduced to Christina Daves, Founder of CastMedic Designs and quickly realized she gave birth to a product that I needed badly nine years ago. A fellow mom with no experience in inventing like myself, I was excited to chat with Christina about her product and its success

Christina Daves was in high-fashion New York the day after being fitted with an orthopedic boot – and the ugly appliance left her feeling miserable. Daves says she haunted the internet on her return home, trying to find something that would dress up the boot. Nothing existed, so Daves took matters into her own hands. The result was CastMedic Designs, a line of colorful socks, cuffs, faux-fur wraps, flowers and buttons that take the boot from casual to formal, with styles for children and adults.

Wrapping up our tribute to women entrepreneurs in honor of National Women in Small Business month, here are more our favorite women-run small businesses and some of the great products that we discovered this week. These women retailers have built these small businesses themselves and share about their experiences and learning from running a business.  We hope you find these women as inspiring as we do.

It’s sad enough that you broke your foot but now you have to wear an ugly cast boot until your foot heals. Now your foot can heal in style with CastMedic Designs medical boot accessories! Find faux fur wraps, lovely cast socks, and flower clip ons in a wide variety of colors to turn your broken foot cast into a seamless part of your wardrobe. 

Over the past couple of decades, fashion found its way into the healthcare industry through the creation of exciting and unique scrubs for the various types of healthcare professionals. The concept was created in an attempt to make medical facilities appear more friendly and less scary. But that's where it ended.

Evidently, it never occurred to anyone that patients might actually benefit from a little fashion-forward thinking until one day in 2010, when Christina Daves broke her foot, which was placed in the standard medical boot.


American Express OPEN Forum - Do You Need a Social Media Manager?

Christina Daves of CastMedic Designs says she finally made the decision to hire a social media manager when she realized she simply didn’t have the time to keep up with maintaining the company’s social presence across multiple channels. In both cases, these companies found the decision well worth it once they found a candidate who was both qualified and a good match for their respective businesses.  

MomTalk Radio

Mom Talk Radio, the first radio talk show dedicated to real-life moms. Each week Maria Bailey tackles issues important to moms, featuring expert guests. This week, Christina Daves of CastMedic Designs shares her secrets for injured fashionistas!

The Brass Ring [Radio Interview]

Who else can turn a broken foot into a profitable business?  Christina Davis, founder of CastMedic Designs.  As a businesswoman who previously owned an upscale boutique she began searching for products on the market to dress-up the unattractive, heavy black boot.  With nothing available, she began designing cuffs and accessories to take the boot from a casual affair to the office to formal events with styles for both children and adults.



Bounce Forward with Charmaine Hammond [Radio Interview]

Christina Daves is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and run 4 successful companies over the past 20 years all serving unique niche markets.  Her latest venture, CastMedic Designs, was created to bring fashion to the medical industry by providing accessories to decorate unattractive medical devices.  The first products available are fashion accessories for walking medical boots.  These will help the over 2 million people in the U.S. (and more worldwide) who are prescribed boots annually, look and heal their best. Christina wants to offer people ideas and products that will give them an opportunity to feel good about themselves while they are recovering.

The worst thing about an injury is not only the pain or healing process, but the agony of wearing an ugly cast or boot! Have you ever wondered if it was possible to recover in style? What if you were able to wear items that complimented your wardrobe while healing? Thanks to CastMedic Designs, this is now possible!! CastMedic Designs was created to bring fashion to the medical industry by providing accessories to decorate unattractive medical devices.  CastMedic Designs comes in a wide selection and caters to everything, from casual to evening wear.



"Knock on wood, none of our readers literally breaks a leg this summer. But in case one does, at least he or she may do so in style with an innovative new line of MediFashions – fashion accessories for medical walking boots – from CastMedic Designs.

It is the company’s mission to bring “the healing power of fashion” to a mainly function-only industry and provide consumers an opportunity to feel good about themselves while healing from an injury."


Blog Talk Radio

Deborah Shane’s Metropolis Radio [Radio Interview]

Christina Daves, the visionary behind the CastMedic brand, conceived the idea while wearing an orthopedic boot following a foot fracture.

Inside NoVA

"Gainesville resident Christine Daves may have literally stumbled upon her life’s calling.

While climbing from a boat near her mother’s lakefront home last summer, the barefooted Daves accidentally put her foot down on a metal cleat that’s used to secure watercraft to docks. As a result, she broke a few bones on the bottom of her foot."


Washington Business Journal Review

"It’s your worst nightmare: You break your ankle and you’re forced to wear one of those clunky plastic strap-on casts. And you have the social gathering of the year coming up.

What’s a fashion-conscious Washingtonian to do?"


Drug Store News

"Company founder Christina Daves developed MediFashions in 2010 after realizing no product like this currently existed. "With at least 1.5 to 2.5 million walking medical boots prescribed annually, why should that many people have to walk around in a big ugly boot? Why not have some fun?"she said."


StartUpNation Winner

"StartupNation 2012 Top 200 Leading Moms in Business"


Trend Hunter Review

"Some accidents just can’t be avoided, but that shouldn’t stop people from being the stylish individuals that they are, at least that is what CastMedic Designs is proposing. With their unique line of medical boot accessories, they make sure that girls (and some guys) will still feel on top of their fashion game even if many other activities are now out of their reach for a few weeks."


Lower Extremity Review

"CastMedic Designs offers more than 60 fashion accessory products to accessorize medical walking boots, including faux-fur wraps, decorative socks, flowers,  and themed buttons for children."


Orthopedics This Week

"If you’re going to suffer, do so in style…CastMedic Designs has a new line of swanky accessories for medical walking boots. It all began last summer when Christina Daves, founder of CastMedic Designs, broke her foot and had to use a walking medical boot for eight weeks."


Lost At EMinor

"Why didn’t I know about these strikingly fashionable medical boots when I fractured my foot earlier on in the year? Unfortunately, I was stuck in a very boring, garden-variety, plain black moon boot for six weeks when I could have been rocking one of these stylish babies."



"Yay! Snow! The thing is, we know we’re now going to see some people walking (well, that’s relative) with those big black cast boots, after a not-so-successful meeting with the snowy slopes. While some accidents just can’t be avoided, that doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish…"


Elite Professionals

"For the millions of people placed in medical boots annually, there has been no way to fashionably accessorize them… until now! CastMedic Designs is providing accessories for medical boots with designs for adults and children to offer them the opportunity to look and heal their best while recovering from an injury or surgery."



Accessories Magazine

"For those of us who have have the misfortune to suffer a stress fracture or broken ankle it’s bad enough you have to wear a leg brace for weeks. Even worse, those medically necessary boots look like leftovers from a “Transformers” flick."