Catherine DH, New York

SO MUCH FUN... Whether in New York City or in Paris, at the doctor's office or at the airport, at the museum or restaurant, at a Holiday party, shopping or walking my dog, everyone LOVES my decorated boot. And obviously, I love it too...


Shy Figaro, Fashion Designer

Congratulations on your great designs! Very Unique! Love it!

Sarah, 11

I want to break my foot so I can wear a boot! 


Ben, 10

This is the Silly Bands™ of Medical Boots! 


Darren, 27

This is amazing!  You are so creative!  What a great idea! 


Jim, 40

I just showed my wife...think she wants to break her foot so she can wear them! 


Melissa, 39

I wish you had these when I was in a boot! 



What a great alternative to sending flowers after an injury and a real conversation piece!