How They Work


Simply wrap the cuff applying hook and loop strip around the liner at top of boot, press firmly on the cuff to attach it to the liner and then secure firmly in the back. 



Feed hook and loop strap through closed pin on back of flower with loop side up.  Secure with alligator clip.  Pull up a boot strap.  Wrap decorative strap around boot strap.  No more than two Strap-Its per boot strap are recommended.  With the pin and clip attachments, enjoy your Strap-It accessory after your injury on your favorite piece of clothing or in your hair.



Simply open boot straps to expose liner. Slip front of Sock-It around toe area.  Adjust hook and loop up the boot liner, tucking into side plastic of boot if possible.  Attach top of Sock-It to the top of the boot liner.  Re-tighten boot straps.  All boots vary in size and Sock-It's are stretchable so adjust sizing as needed for your boot.  To determine which size of Sock-It to order, measure boot height from the heel to the top of the boot.



Simply pull up a boot strap. Wrap decorative strap around boot strap at desired location. Press firmly. Close boot strap. No more than two Click-Its per boot strap are recommended. With the pin attachments, enjoy your Click-It accessory after your injury.