Sock-It    Red Mesh


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Quick Overview

Keep your toes dry and warm and look incredibly stylish while sporting a medical boot.  These easy to use “socks” simply go over the toe area of the boot inner lining and attach up the liner under the boot-straps using hook and loop. 


Every boot is a slightly different size so we’ve chosen fabrics that will stretch to fit most boots.   Adjust each one as needed to fit your boot and bring some fashion and fun to your injury.    Some boot designs may allow you to wear the Sock-It over the straps but you might want to keep those straps exposed to add a fabulous Strap-It to your boot as well.


If using a Sock-It with a Wrap-It, attach the top of the Sock-It slightly below the top of the boot so that you have some liner exposed to attach the Wrap-It along the top.


Kids – bring a Sharpie® to school and have your friends sign your Sock-It just like they would on your hard cast.   It‘ll work great on the neon green and the mesh styles!


Do you have any new fabric ideas you would like to see?  Send us an e-mail on our Contact Us page.


*Boot Not Included

Sizes: S/M Fits 11-14 Inch Boots
M/L Only Fits 15-16 Inch Boots

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